Paul Auster Books

New York Review of Books, vol. 22, no. 13, August 7, 1975

Full tabloid-size issue. Robert B. Silvers and Barbara Epstein, eds. Includes reviews from Diane Johnson (‘The People v. Patty Hearst’); Garry Wills (‘The Real Reason Chappaquiddick Disqualifies Kennedy’); V.S. Naipaul (‘India: A Wounded Civilization’). Also work from E.H. Carr, W.H.C Frend, Frank Kermode, Bernard Knox, Roger Sale, A.J.P. Taylor, and Michael Wood. Auster contributes ‘Man of Pain,’ a review of Selected Poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti, translated and edited by Allen Mandelbaum. 47 pages.
NYTREV: New York, 1976.

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