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Curtains: Split Curtains 1975

Paper wrappers with a mounted b/w plate by Ramon Alejandro. Signed by Lydia Davis at the end of her contribution (translation of Bataille) on p80. Poet, writer, playwright, artist, and translator Paul Buck founded the magazine Curtains in 1971. Twenty-one issues comprised the original series through 1978. Work by Ramon Alejandro (cover drawing and others), Bernard Noël, Maurice Blanchot, Roger Laporte, Paul Buck, Jacques Derrida, Michel Camus, Georges Bataille (with Lydia Davis, Auster contributes translation from ‘The Blue of the Sky’), Colette Deblé, Ulli McCarthy, Jeff Nuttall, Jean Fréman, Glenda George, Pierre Dhainaut, Charles Juliet, Robert Varlez, Jean Pierre Faye, Peter Inch, Tony Duvert, André Velter, Jean Daive, and Gad Hollander.
Curtains: Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK. 1975.

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