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Roy Rogers: One Line Poems

Stapled wrappers in dust jacket. Second issue of this poetry journal in large format following the All Roy Rogers issue of 1970. Bound in are three serigraphs by Richard De Peaux, one of which is signed and dated in pencil on the verso. Includes poems by Trevor Winkfield, Glen Baxter, Dave Morice, Joe Brainard, Paul Violi, Adrienne Rich, Clark Coolidge, Bill Griffith, Andrei Codrescu, Anne Waldman, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Octavio Paz, Bruce Andrews, Lewis MacAdams, Bob Holman, and more. Cover art by Hannah Wilke. Paul Auster contributes ‘The Maid’, ‘Odds Even’, ‘Darlene Pearlstein’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Peter Frank’.
Roy Rogers: New York, 1974.

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