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Miró – Atigas: Terres de Grand Feu

First edition. Softcover. Illustrated cover with flaps Text in English. Published on the occasion of an exhibition presented by the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York, from November 12–December 7, 1985. The thirty-five ceramic sculptures exhibited are reproduced in color and full-page for the most part. In addition, five monumental works are reproduced in color and in fold-out pages (Universal Exhibition in Osaka, Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-deVence, Barcelona airport, Unesco in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in Zurich). Two black-and-white photographs from 1956 by Sabine Weiss: one as a frontispiece, the other as a fold-out page. Auster contributes translation of Joan Gardy Artigas’s introductory recollection. 20 x 23.4 cm, unpaginated. 56 pages.
Pierre Matisse Gallery: New York, 1985.

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