Paul Auster Books

Grosseteste Review vol. 10, nos. 1-4, Summer 1977

Illustrated cardboard wrappers with French folds. Nos. 1–4 in one volume. One line on p.36 (Peter Riley’s contribution) has been corrected by hand. Edited by Tim Longville. Cover by Andy Thursfield. Contributors include J. H. Prynne, Iain Sinclair, Douglas Oliver, Carl Rakosi, George Oppen, Mary Oppen, Rosmarie Waldrop, Keith Waldrop, Alfred Starr Hamilton, John Riley, Andrew Crozier, Anthony Barnett, Peter Riley, William Bronk, Michael Palmer, Christopher Dewdney, Adriano Spatola, Franco Beltrametti, Giulia Niccolai, James Koller, Jack Collom, Jim Burns, John Hall, Michael Haslam, Ralph Hawkins, Rod Mengham, Elio Grasso, Philip Garrison, Geoff Bowman, and Longville. Auster contributes four poems, ‘Riding Eastward’, ‘Reminiscence of Home’, ‘Domestic’, and ‘Effigies’. 8vo. 204pp.
Grosseteste Review: Pensnett, Staffordshire, UK, Summer 1977.

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