Paul Auster Books

Granta 60: Unbelievable

Glossy illustrated wrappers. Ian Jack, ed. Contributors include Peter Marlow, Linda Grant, Ariel Dorfman, Deborah Scroggins, Jack Picone, John Ryle, Clive Sinclair, Aimee Bender, Dan Jacobson, and Jonathan Levi. Auster translates the excerpt from Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians, ‘The Life and Death of a Homosexual’ by Pierre Clastres. Found laid in to this copy is a signed note which reads ‘It may amuse you to learn that the “young man” = me’ referring to the young man cited in the introduction who returned the lost galley proofs to Auster decades after they were thought lost.
Penguin/Granta Books: NY, 1997.

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