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Curtains: bal:le:d Curtains, vol. 2, nos. 18–21, 1978

Stab-stapled wrappers, with ‘a second editorial’ affixed inside the upper wrapper. Poet, writer, playwright, artist, and translator Paul Buck founded Curtains in 1971. Twenty-one issues comprised the original series through 1978, this being the final issue. Contributions range across poetry, prose, visual, and performance arts, with translations and original work by Georges Bataille (translated by Paul Auster and Lydia Davis, a continuation of the translation of ‘The Blue of the Sky’ continued from 1975’s Split Curtains and 1976’s Le Prochaine Step), Laure, Bernard Noël, Jean-Pierre Faye, Michel Camus, Danielle Collobert, Mitsou Ronat, Joë Bousquet, Gina Pane, Ulrike Meinhof, Pierre Bourgeade, Joseph Guglielmi, Jean-Luc Parant (plus the cover), Henri Maccheroni, Philip Corner, Clayton Eshleman, Jed Rasula, Monte Cazazza, Brian Catling, Iain Sinclair, Bill Griffiths, Pierre Joris, Allen Fisher, cris cheek, John James, Wendy Mulford, Peter Riley, Michael Haslam, K. Chris Cable, Ulli McCarthy, Glenda George, and Buck. It is not unique to this copy that the ‘second editorial’ has been cut at the expense of some of its text; the last two lines would read: ‘with the Literature Advisory Panel Chairman and the Administration of the Yorkshire Arts Association to manipulate and cheat me out of a bursary.’ 4to. 178 pages.
Curtains: Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK, 1978.

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