Paul Auster Books

Bomb Magazine, iss. 23, Spring 1988

Large magazine format with glossy pictorial wrappers. B/w art and print. Betsy Sussler, publisher and editor in chief. Interviews with April Gornick, Freya Hansell, and Susan Rothenberg; Paul Auster (by Joseph Mallia); Black-Eyed Susan (by Kate Simon); Jean-Pierre Gorin (by Lynne Tillman). Artwork by Willy Heeks, Julian Lethbridge, Claudia Hart, Philip Taaffe, Ross Bleckner, Wade Saunders, Louisa Chase, Al Taylor, David Row, Betty Beaumont. Fiction by Mariarosa Sclauzero, Genevieve Letarte, Brad Gooch, Gary Indiana, and M.E. Hughes. Fashion photography by José Arman-Pita. 27x38cm.
Bomb, New Art Publications: New York, 1988.

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