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Banana Split 20–21, July–December 1987

Blue wrappers, glued under a pictorial cover. Launched in February 1980 in Marseilles by the two poets, translators and reviewers, Jean-Jacques Viton and Liliane Giraudon, Banana Split had 28 issues published until December 1990, delivering the typescripts of poets and artists as they are, directly reproduced. Contributors include Bernardo Soares, Fernando Pessoa, Bernard Noel, Michel Couturier, J. Guglielmi, Huguette Champroux, Pierre Rottenberg, Martine Broda, Christian Prigent, Georges Richardot, Christian Limousin, H. Lucot, Josée Lapeyrere, Olivier Cadiot, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Konrad Wunsche, Alix Cleo Roubaud, Alice Notley, Armand Schwerner, Michael Palmer, Jean Helion, Ch. Prigent, R. Kuhn, Helmut Heissenbuttel, Frederike Mayrocker, Reinhard Priessnitz, Bellaud de la Bellaudiere, Pierre Paul, Michel Tronc, Esteve d’Esparron, and Jean-Luc Herisson. Auster contributes from Fragments du Froid. 178 pages, illustrated in b/w. 21×29.5cm.
Centre National des Lettres/P.A.C.A.: Marseilles, July-December, 1987.

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