Paul Auster Books

A Hundred Posters nos. 16–18, April–June 1977

Three issues of A Hundred Posters, nos. 16, 17, and 18 (April, May and June, 1977). Stapled sheets. Each one separately issued, with staple to the top left. Edited by Alan Davies. From the collection of Vermont-based poet Bob Arnold, with his mailing label affixed to the blank page of all three issues. Short ink note on the rear of one issue, likely by Arnold. Featuring poems by Ed Sanders, Paul Grillo (including his ode to Richard Manuel, the piano player for The Band), Anselm Hollo, and Bill Corbett. Auster contributes ‘Effigies,’ one of the first appearances of the poem.
Alan Davies/Other Publications: Boston, 1977.

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